Paul A. Nitz, M.D.Specializes in Sports Medicine, Knee and Shoulder Repair
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Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Treatment for Knee & Shoulder Injuries in Dayton, OH

Judgment. Experience. Understanding.

With this solid sports medicine background, Dr. Nitz is able to effectively diagnose and treat complex knee and shoulder problems. Because he serves as a team physician, he is sensitive to the desire of most athletes to regain all of their original strength and dexterity, and return to the field of play as soon as possible. Dr. Nitz has the experience and judgment to determine if and when a team member should resume vigorous physical activity.

He is also able to manage the entire continuum of sports injury, from initial evaluation to return to sport participation. In addition to surgical expertise, he is able to advise athletes on injury prevention, flexibility training, conditioning programs and rehabilitation.

His dedication to athletes is exemplified by the fact that he treats his responsibility as team physician at Central State University as a privilege. He has taken the lead in improving facilities for athletes at the school. Dr. Nitz has the mind of a skilled surgeon, and the heart of a champion athlete.

Expert Care for Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Although Dr. Nitz is able to treat a wide range of joint problems, he has chosen to focus on shoulder and knee injuries, which are extremely common among athletes. Most of these injuries involve damage to joint cartilage, tendons or ligaments.  Often, time is of the essence in treating these injuries, as a delay in management may negatively impact the recovery and ultimate outcome.

When using arthroscopic techniques, Dr. Nitz is able to remove or repair damaged cartilage and ligaments, treat shoulder dislocation or impingement, repair rotator cuff tendons, trim worn cartilage, and remove loose bone or cartilage that interferes with the function of the joint or lining that has become inflamed.

If you would like to know more about sports medicine and arthroscopic solutions for knee and shoulder injuries, schedule a personal consultation with experienced orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Paul A. Nitz by calling or emailing his office today.